The Model and The Creep – Emily Addison


The Model and The Creep starring Emily Addison
Emily gives a great performance as a fashion model, held captive and terrorized by a psychotic photographers assistant in this hot scene. Emily looks incredible as she models a pretty black dress at a photo shoot. The photographer has to go so he leaves Emily alone with his assistant, Theo. When Theo crudely comes on to the stuck up model, she coldly rejects him. Emily goes to the dressing room and Theo sneaks in, knocks her out with chloroform and drags her to the couch. In a frightening creepy scene, he strips his limp victim naked and plays with her gorgeous body. Emily awakens on a long table and is horrified to find that she is dressed in sexy lingerie and thigh high stockings. She is securely bound with rope and she struggles desperately. Theo enters and intimidates Emily before silencing her protests with a knotted cloth pulled between her teeth. He taunts her and takes photos of her in her helplessness. He pulls her bra down, exposing her large, tasty breasts. Left alone, Emily works herself free and tries to escape. But Theo returns and chloroforms her again. She puts up a good fight but soon her eyes roll back and she goes limp. Scene #KOTI0150
22 minutes. The photo set contains 97 photos. MP4 640×480

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