The Lonely Handyman – Cali Logan


The Lonely Handyman starring Cali Logan
Cali is an extremely beautiful and talented actress and gives a fine performance in this powerful and sexy scene. Cali, looking lovely in a short skirt, sexy top and heels, relaxes at home. She has no idea that her handyman Andrew is spying on her, soaking a cloth with chloroform as he waits for the right moment to pounce. When Cali goes into the kitchen, Andrew attacks. He grabs her from behind and clasps the cloth over her face. After struggling hard, Cali is overcome by the drug and, with some great eye-rolling, she falls limp in the guys arms. She is carried to the couch where Andrew fondles her entire body including her luscious breasts. The fondling become more intense when he strips her to her lacy panties. When Cali awakens and tries to stagger away, Andrew chloroforms her again. She goes limp and he picks her up in his arms and holds her for a while. The lonely handyman carries Cali to the bedroom where he dresses her limp body in sexy pink lingerie with thigh high stockings. He then fondles her very aggressively. When she wakes up, he allows her to stagger away. He follows her to the living room and then through the kitchen, applying the chloroform cloth to her face several times, slowing her down but knocking her out. Finally, he holds the cloth over her face until she passes out. He picks her up in his arms and holds her for a while before putting her on the couch and stripping her naked. Later, Cali awakens to find that Andrew has dressed her in a hot outfit – skin-tight, shiny black pants, high heels and a corset top. He sits by her drinking coffee and watching tv. Cali realizes how demented the handyman is when he starts talking to her as if they are lovers. He goes to the kitchen to get Cali some coffee and Cali attempts to escape. But, she is caught and falls victim to the chloroform cloth once again. About 3 minutes of great outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0401
34 minutes. The photo set contains 157 photos. MP4 640×480

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