The Lady in the Mask – Angie Savage


The Lady in the Mask starring Angie Savage
Beautiful Angie is repeatedly knocked out with chloroform in this exciting scene that was made as a custom and features long knock outs, lots of struggling and some very unusual clothing. Angie wears lacy black lingerie, a super heroine mask, striped knees socks and high heels. As she lounges in her house, she is stalked by an intruder. After dousing a big wad of cotton with chloroform, he attacks Angie. She struggles very hard but eventually her eyes roll back and she passes out. The guy fondles Angie and plays with her body. He tapes her mouth, strips off her lingerie and fondles her some more. When she awakens, totally disoriented, she tries to stagger away and he chloroforms her again. Later, Angie, in sheer purple lingerie, super heroine mask, knee socks and high heels, enters her kitchen. As she does, the thug sneaks up and clasps a chloroform-soaked ball of cotton over her face. There is plenty of struggling before Angies eyes begin to roll and she is dragged away unconscious. The guy fondles and strips Angie then tapes her mouth. When she wakes up, he attacks her with the chloroform from the front, knocking her out cold. Next, Angie lounges on her bed in frilly lingerie, high heels, knee socks and a super heroine mask. The villain soaks a cosmetics pad with chloroform and attacks. Angie almost gets away but the guy grabs her from behind and applies the chloroform. After much struggling, Angie gets tired and passes out. She is fondled, her mouth is taped. Her lingerie is stripped off for some nude fondling. She wakes up and is chloroformed again, this time from the front. Then, Angie is in a blue super heroine mask, cute underwear, socks and heels. The guy sneaks up and clasps a chloroform-soaked pas over her face. She struggles like crazy but the drug is too potent and she passes out. She is fondled, partially stripped, fondled some more and tape gagged. Upon awakening, she is chloroformed from the front. Finally, Angie wears red lingerie, striped socks with heels and a mask. She is chloroformed in her bathroom (the large ball of cotton is used again). Angie is dragged to her bed where she is fondled, stripped, gagged and then chloroformed again. 55 minutes. Scene #KOB0359
The photo set contains 278 photos. MP4 640×480

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