The Key – Chrissy, Charlotte, Raven


The Key starring Chrissy Marie, Charlotte Stockily and Raven Rae
Three of our most talented and beautiful models are together again in this exciting storyline video! Roommates Chrissy and Charlotte both plot separately to rob their friends safe deposit box…but they need the key! The girls search the house for it. Charlotte thinks Chrissy has found it so she uses a cloth to subdue her. It’s a great scene…Chrissy breaks free and runs, only to be captured. Charlotte searches Chrissy for the key. She partially strips her but still doesn’t find it. Chrissy awakens tied to a chair and gagged. Charlotte torments Chrissy, twisting her nipples and taunting her. She applies the cloth several times then puts it away, leaving Chrissy with her eyes rolling but still awake. Finally, her eyes close and she goes limp. Chrissy wakes up and frees herself. She sneaks up on Charlotte and uses a cloth on her. She drags her limp body to the next room and strips her naked. Charlotte awakens tied to a chair and gagged. Chrissy gets very turned on. She strips off her clothes and teases her helpless friend. Then, she uses the cloth, applying it and removing it just like Charlotte did to her. When Charlotte goes limp, Chrissy walks away but her friend Raven attacks her from behind and subdues her with the cloth. She plops Chrissy down on the couch and goes to look for the key. She find it. But Chrissy, who has awakened, uses a cloth on her. With much struggling and eye rolling, Raven is subdued. Chrissy takes the key and leaves. This is a really thrilling scene. The girls look incredibly hot. Scene #KOB0599

The scene is 28 minutes, Clip 1 is 14 minutes, Clip 2 is 14 minutes, the outtakes are 12 minutes. 1280×720.

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