The Formula – sobel Wren and Stacy Burke


The Formula starring Isobel Wren and Stacy Burke
Isobel is working late at the chemistry lab, trying to figure out the formula for a new chemical. When she discovers what she is looking for, she calls her co-worker Stacy. But Stacy wants credit for the work so she chloroforms Isobel and takes her to her house to hide her. Isobel starts to wake up and is very groggy. Stacy tells her that she is in the hospital and tries to get information from her. But Isobel realizes what is happening and Stacy has to knock her out again, this time with a blow to the head. She ties Isobel up and, when she awakens, gags her with tape. Isobel is horrified when Stacy opens her blouse and fondles her tits. Left alone, Isobel frees her hands and grabs the chloroform. When Stacy returns, Isobel chloroforms her. She pulls off Stacy’s top and fondles her. When Isobel turns her back, Stacy wakes up and grabs the club. Isobel comes back to fondle her and Stacy smacks her on the head, knocking her out cold. Stacy strips Isobel naked and, when she wakes up, she puts the chloroform soaked cloth is a dust mask and puts it on Isobel’s face. Isobel’s eyes roll back and she passes out. About a minute of outtakes are included with the scene. Scene #KOB0426
36 minutes. The photo set contains 161 photos. MP4 640×480

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