The Devil and Miss Long – Eva Long



The Devil and Miss Long starring Eva Long and Mr. Donovan
Eva and Donovan give exceptional performances in this great-looking bondage horror movie! In Clip 1, Eva wakes up in a dark place with her hands and feet bound. Not knowing where she is, she struggles in terror. Suddenly, a hideous demon appears and tells Eva she is in hell and will be tortured for all eternity. Eva says she has done nothing wrong and shouldn’t be there but the demon is insistent. He shows Eva a flogger and, despite her pleading, he begins flogging her brutally. The flogging goes on for a long time and Eva’s tiny t shirt is shredded. The demon menaces Eva with a long dagger and cuts off her top. Eva squirms and whimpers while the creature gropes her tender flesh with his hideous hands. He then runs the dagger all over her body. After flogging Eva some more, the monster pauses when she tells him her tits are burning. The demon offers her some relief by pressing ice against her nipples. But the ice only causes poor Eva more pain and she pleads for mercy. The demon offers her a glass of ice water…which he pours over her body, making Eva shiver. In Clip 2, Eva stands with her hands bound behind her. The demon shows her a small vibrator and a large, powerful vibrator. He uses both of them on her, applying them repeatedly to her tits and her clit. Eva screams with pleasure and humiliation. Then, Eva is lying down, bound to a table. The monster presses the ice against Eva’s body, especially her tits and crotch. She screams in pain and begs to be released. The demon is unmoved and takes out a pinwheel with sharp spikes. He runs the spikes all over her body, even the soles of her feet. Eva whimpers as the spikes run across her sensitive pussy. In Clip 3, Eva remains bound to the table while the demon torments her with the 2 vibrators. Eva screams as the vibrators stimulate her clit. The demon runs an electric wand all over Eva’s body, tits and pussy. She jumps from the electric shocks. The creature uses the pinwheel to torture Eva some more, then continues stimulating with the vibrators. Eva has several screaming orgasms and her body strains against her ropes. When Eva can’t stand any more, she begs the demon to give her another chance and send her back to earth. The monster consults his handbook and makes a final decision. There are 2 sets of excellent outtakes. Outtakes 1 has bloopers, unused takes and shots of the performers joking around. Outtakes 2 has lots of second camera footage…so it’s mostly alternate angles of all the torments. Scene #BG0833

Available in MP4 – HD 1920×1080 or SD 850×720
The full scene is 57 minutes – HD (2.25GB)
Clip 1 is 22 minutes – HD (715MB)
Clip 2 is 15 minutes – HD (501MB)
Clip 3 is 20 minutes – HD (642MB)
Outtakes 1 are 9 minutes – HD (390MB)
Outtakes 2 are 31 minutes – HD (642MB)

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