The Coach is a Creep – Lexi Belle


The Coach is a Creep starring Lexi Belle
Lexi is too cute to describe as a college cheerleader! She looks incredibly hot in her costume with white panties, socks and sneakers. She talks to her friend on the phone, telling her about the creepy coach Donovan who has been harassing her at the college. Lexi has no idea that Donovan is watching her and soaking a cloth in chloroform. He attacks Lexi and clasps the cloth over her mouth. She fights him but the drug takes effect and, with some great eye fluttering, she passes out. Donovan carries Lexi in his arms then puts her on the couch where he lives out his fantasy of fondling and manipulating her body. He checks her eyes and plays with her face before putting her over his lap and playing her perfect ass. Later, Lexi awakens securely bound. Terrified, she struggles and pleads to be released but Donovan stuffs a rag in her mouth and pulls a knotted cloth between her teeth. Lexi endures more fondling. The guy even stands her up and plays with her ass. Left alone, Lexi struggles and finally manages to free herself. With her gag still on, she tries to sneak away but the coach catches her. He forces her to strip to her panties then holds up the chloroform for her to see. Through her gag, Lexi pleads not to be knocked out. But heartless Donovan grabs Lexi and chloroforms her into unconsciousness. When she wakes up, she is bound and gagged again. Donovan cruelly puts another gag over the first one then taunts and fondles Lexi, telling her she belongs to him now. Scene #KOTI0164 26 minutes. 640×480.

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