The Briefcase – Stacy Burke and Mary Jane Green


The Briefcase starring Stacy Burke and Mary Jane Green
Stacy and Mary Jane are cute in this funny little knock out scene. Stacy, in miniskirt and boots comes home carrying a briefcase. She makes a mysterious call in which she talks about how important the contents of the briefcase are. When she leaves the room, Mary Jane sneaks in and soaks a cloth in chloroform. Stacy returns and is quickly attacked and knocked out. Mary Jane drags her to the couch and turns her attention to the case. Unable to open it, she searches Stacys limp body, looking for the combination. When Stacy awakens and tries to stagger away, MJ chloroforms her again. But Stacys friend shows up and MJ runs away. A few days later, Stacy is relaxing at home with the briefcase next to her. When she steps out, Mary Jane sneaks in and drugs her drink. Stacy takes a few sips and gets very drowsy. She tries hard to stay awake but, eventually, she passes out. Mary Jane excitedly opens the briefcase and gets quite a surprise -a blast of knock out gas in her face. She falls unconscious next to Stacy. Scene #KOB0407
14 minutes. The photo set contains 91 photos. MP4 640×480

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