The Bored and the Bound – Danielle Trixie, Mary Jane Green


The Bored and the Bound starring Danielle Trixie and Mary Jane Green
Gorgeous Danielle has been kidnapped for ransom. In just her cute bedtime clothes, she’s tied to a chair, gagged and blindfolded. She struggles and pleads but no one is there to hear her. Then, sexy kidnapper Mary Jane enters. It’s her job to keep an eye on Danielle and she is so bored. She removes Danielle’s blindfold, sits down and puts her feet up on Danielle’s lap. She complains about how her boyfriend gets to do the exciting stuff – like going to get the ransom – while she is stuck here watching Danielle. She unties Danielle’s feet and sits her down next to her on the couch. She gropes and plays with Danielle’s body. 11 minutes. Scene #BG0715

MP4 1280×680

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