The Blackmailer – Part 4 – Karlie Montana and Samantha Ryan

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The Blackmailer Part 4 starring Karlie Montana and Samantha Ryan
The stunning series draws nearer to its conclusion! In clip 1, cute Karlie is visited by blackmailer Samantha who, once again, wants to trade a sexual encounter for a set of incriminating photos. This time, Karlie is at her office and, terrified that someone will know whats going on, she begs Samantha not to fuck her there. Samantha makes her a deal: she will not make Karlie have an orgasm is Karlie can give Samantha 2 orgasms (without complaining). Karlie agrees and quickly begins to make out with Samantha, kissing her passionately, partially stripping her and caressing her luscious body. While kissing and sucking on Samanthas nipples, Karlie fingers her, making Samantha moan with pleasure. She continues to finger-fuck her and rub her clit until Samantha cums to a screaming climax. Karlie tells Samantha that she wants to taste her pussy and quickly goes down on her. She licks and sucks Samanthas clit till Samanthas body is rocked by another intense orgasm. In clip 2, when she is done, Karlie tells her to get out. Shocked by Karlie’s rudeness, Sam gets pissed. She gives Karlie one of the photos and tells her to look at it and masturbate. Karlie does as she is told while Sam sits on the floor and also pleasures herself. Sam bends Karlie over the desk and pulls her skirt up. She cruelly humiliates Karlie and tells her she is going to bring a man in to fuck her from behind. Karlie begs her not to and Samantha decides to fuck Karlie herself with a strap on. Using slow, forceful thrusts, Sam brings Karlie to such an intense orgasm that Karlie passes out. She awakens tied to her desk with her legs spread and finds that Sam is already playing with her bound body. Sam teases Karlie and then begins to lick her hot clit. Karlie’s pussy gets really wet as Sam licks her until she cums. Karlie is untied and the girls get dressed. Before she leaves, Samantha intimidates Karlie a bit more, pointing out that there is one more set of photos. Scene #GG0014  MP4 640×480.

Clip 1 is 29 minutes and clip 2 is 32 minutes.  The photo set has 162 photos.

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