The Assassin and the Spy – Tali Dova and Eva Long


The Assassin and the Spy starring Tali Dova and Eva Long
Eva is a spy. For training purposes, an assassin (Tali) is sent repeatedly to try to take her down in her home. Eva talks to the camera as if training a rookie spy. In Clip 1, Tali, in black pants and satin blouse, shows up and tries to sneak up on Eva. When she cannot find her, the tables are turned and Eva is the one sneaking up on Tali! She snatches Tali from behind and puts her in a sleeper hold until she goes limp. She takes control further by stripping Tali down to he panties. She fondles Tali’s limp body. In a semi-conscious state, Tali moans with pleasure and her body writhes slightly at Eva’s touch. She climaxes and goes limp again. Tali starts to awaken and Eva knocks her out with a sleeper hold. In Clip 2, sporty Tali, in shorts and sneakers, arrives to try to take Eva down. But Eva is already wise to it and hiding, just waiting for the right moment to nab Tali. She pops out, startling Tali and putting her in a sleeper hold. Tali isn’t going down without a fight, so Eva has to wrap her legs around her to subdue her. Finally Tali goes limp. Eva takes this opportunity to remove Tali’s clothes and caress her hot body. Tali is clearly enjoying the attention while half awake and moans with pleasure. Her body squirms and she has an orgasm and goes limp. Tali wakes up fully and Eva can’t risk the assassin taking control so she uses the sleeper hold again and leaves her there limp. In Clip 3, nerdy student Tali has come prepared to outsmart Eva. But Eva is even more prepared! Before Tali can find her, Eva comes out of nowhere! Eva gives Tali a karate chop to the neck, making her fall limp on the bed. To assert her dominance, she strips Tali down to her shiny silver panties. She plays with her limp body until Tali comes to. She has to put Tali in a sleeperhold to keep her from getting away. Eva continues to grope her hot body. She kisses her breasts and strokes her crotch. Tali, half asleep moans with pleasure until she cuts and goes limp again. When she wakes up entirely, Eva knocks her out with a karate chop again and leaves her on the bed limp. In Clip 4, Ninja Tali has stealthily gotten into Eva’s home. Eva is ready for Tali and smacks her on the head with a club. Tali is dazed but not fully limp, so Eva wraps her arm around her neck. Once Tali is limp, Eva can’t resist fondling her tight body. She drags her to the bed where she lays her down and strips her down to her panties. Eva gropes Tali and starts to kiss her. Tali kisses back! She lets Eva massage her pussy and moans before going limp again. In Clip 5, Tali is dressed casually and looks around Eva’s home but the stealthy spy is nowhere to be seen. Eva is waiting with a syringe. She startles Tali and injects her in the neck with a sedative. Tali slides to the floor. She drags Tali’s limp body to the living room floor where she strips her down to her panties and gropes her irresistible body. Semi-conscious, Tali moans with pleasure and eventually has an orgasm and goes limp. When Tali awakens, Eva gets her again with the syringe and leaves her limp body there for the trainee to take care of. Scene #KOB0675

Clip 1 is 15.5 minutes, Clip 2 is 9 minutes, Clip 3 is 14 minutes, Clip 4 is 17 minutes, Clip 5 is 8 minutes. MP4 1920×1080.

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