The Apartment – Mary Jane Green


The Apartment starring Mary Jane Green

Mary Jane shows an apartment to Tim, who is interested in more than just a place to live. As she tells him about the building features, Tim soaks a cloth with chloroform. He cuts Mary Jane off in mid-sentence by clasping the black cloth over her face. She struggles hard but then her eyes roll back and she passes out in his arms. After holding her for a while, he pushes her face down onto the bed. After pulling her dress up to reveal her sheer panties, garters and seamed stockings, he poses her in several unusual positions with her limp limbs in all directions. When MJ wakes up, he chloroforms her again. When she passes out, he pushes her over the foot board of the bed with her head and arms hanging down. Included are a few seconds of outtakes, which feature alternate versions of the knock outs where Mary Jane is hit on the head instead of chloroformed. The photo set includes hit on head photos. Scene #KOB0565

12 minutes. 1280×640.

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