That Annoying Reporter – Mary Jane and Sinn Sage


That Annoying Reporter starring Mary Jane Green and Sinn Sage
Cocky investigative reporter Sinn interviews sexy businesswoman Mary Jane. First, Sinn asks about MJ’s involvement in a prostitution ring, MJ responds by threatening Sinn with a gun. MJ proceeds to humiliate Sinn by sensuously frisking her. Sinn is tied up and gagged, on screen, by MJ and left on the bed. Sinn looks cute and sexy in her short skirt, blouse, hose and boots. Shiny tape is wrapped around Sinn’s mouth, silencing her pleas for help. She struggles hard but to no avail. When Mary Jane returns, she opens Sinn’s blouse, pulls up her skirt and fondles her breasts and ass. Then, Sinn is bound fully nude with her arms over her head and ball-gagged. Mary Jane fondles hers, spanks her and hits her with a riding crop. Things get even hotter when MJ starts sucking and biting Sinn’s hard nipples. Later, Sinn endures severe pain when clamps are attached to her nipple. There is more humiliation as Mary Jane removes Sinn’s gag and kisses her passionately. Mary Jane thinks that Sinn needs more training before she can be put out on the street as a hooker and promises her more suffering in the future. Scene #BG0090
27 minutes. MP4 640×480

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