Testing the Superheroine – Hyley Winters and Jolene Hexx



Testing the Superheroine starring Hyley Winters and Jolene Hexx
Hyley and Jolene are incredible in this fun scene!

Clip 1: The Capture – Superheroine Hyley comes to a remote location for an interview. But, villainess Jolene sneaks up and chloroforms her. Hyley is dragged to a sofa where Jolene fondles her and plays with her body. Hyley awakens and tries to stagger away but Jolene chloroforms her again. Later, a still dazed Hyley staggers around the house. Jolene sneaks up and knocks her out with 2 blows to the head. After some more groping and body manipulation, Hyley awakens and stands up. Jolene gropes her while she tries to escape. Finally, she hits Hyley on the head, knocking her unconscious. Later, while Hyley tries to get out of the house, she finds herself trapped in a hallway which starts filling with sleeping gas! Jolene appears and starts taunting Hyley. Hyley tries desperately to breathe and to stay awake. But her efforts are useless and she falls back on the floor, unconscious. Jolene plays with Hyley’s body and fondles her. Some excellent outtakes are included with Clip 1, including lots of alternate takes of the knock out scenes. 28 minutes.

Clip 2: Bondage – Hyley, now with her boots off, awakens on the floor, bound with shiny cloth strips. Jolene enters and taunts her before gagging her with another cloth strip. Hyley struggles hard but can’t free herself. With great effort, she stands up and tries to hop away but Jolene catches her. Hyley is fondled some more as the scene ends. 13 minutes. Scene #SHKT0052

Available in MP4 – HD 1920×1080
Clip 1 HD – 1.2GB
Clip 2 HD – 484MB

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