Teachers Pet – Samantha Ryan and Angie Savage


Teachers Pet starring Samantha Ryan and Angie Savage
Both girls look great in short skirts and sheer tan pantyhose. Sexy college student Angie goes to see her hot young art teacher, Samantha. While Samantha tries to talk about Angies poor grades, Angie has other things on her mind. She starts rubbing Samanthas stocking feet. The conservative teacher begins to relax and, as Angie talks to her in a soothing voice, Samantha goes into a trance. Angie tells Samantha to kneel and worship her feet. Samantha complies without hesitation. She rubs, kisses and sucks Angies gorgeous stocking feet. In Clip 2, Angie cannot resist the pretty professor’s feet so she kneels and worships Samantha’s feet, kissing, sucking and rubbing them against her naked tits. The action gets hotter when Angie strips Samantha and herself (their pantyhose are left on!). The two babes make out passionately, kissing and rubbing each others tits and bodies. Scene #FTSF0130

Clip 1 is 16 minutes, Clip 2 is 16 minutes. 720×540.

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