Taped Up By a Burglar – Rachel Adams


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Taped Up By a Burglar starring Rachel Adams
Rachel has been robbed. The burglar left her taped up and gagged on her bed in her cute night clothes. She struggles hard, giving you some nice views of her bare feet and shapely ass. Thinking the creep has left, Rachel hops to the living room and struggles some more. But the guy catches her. After some groping, he leaves her hogtied on the bed. Rachel tries hard to free herself but it is useless. The cruel thief gropes Rachels tits and tells her he plans to stay a while. The outtakes, sold separately, contain footage from a second camera. So you see most of the scene from a different angle (with the cameraman occasionally in the shots). You’ll also see Rachel posing for photos. The scene is 15 minutes. Outtakes are 16 minutes. Scene #BG0873

HD MP4 1920×1080

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