Taking Tali – Tali Dova and Jolene Hexx



Taking Tali starring Tali Dova and Jolene Hexx
Tali looks cute and sexy in shiny leggings and clingy top. While she goes about her daily activities, Jolene spies on her, gazing longingly at Tali’s tasty ass while she soaks a cloth in chloroform. She waits until Tali comes out of the bedroom and grabs her, clasping the cloth over her face. Tali strains against Jolene desperately trying to escape. But soon she is too tired to fight and goes limp. Tali is tossed onto the bed and Jolene is finally able to get her hands on her. She gropes and manipulates Tali’s limp body. She stands Tall up and plays with her some more. Tali awakens and tries to stagger away. Jolene traps her against the wall and chloroforms her. Tali slides down to the floor. On the bed, Jolene strips Tall and enjoys her naked flesh. Tali awakens again and staggers away. Jolene applies the cloth a couple of times as Tali attempts to escape. Then she holds the cloth to her face while Tali goes limp. A very hot clip! Scene #KOB0670

20 minutes. MP4 1280×720.

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