Taking Control – Raven Rae



Taking Control starring Raven Rae
Raven gives an incredible limp performance in this hot cloth clip. Dominatrix Raven waits impatiently for her next session. When the guy arrives, he tells Raven he wants to be in control. She mocks him and tells him to get out. But he soaks a cloth and sneaks up on the angry Raven. He clasps the cloth over her face. Raven struggles hard but then her eyes flutter and she goes limp. He carries her over his shoulder (kind of) to the next room where he plays with her limp body. The pervy client sucks Raven toes, without paying her! Raven is stripped to her underwear. When she starts waking up, she staggers away from the guy. He lets her walk but grabs her a few times and applies the cloth. Raven’s limp legs barely get her to the bedroom where, with her last bit of energy, she orders the guy to get his knees. Instead he applies the cloth from the front until Raven goes limp. He drops her onto the bed. A couple of minutes of outtakes ate included. Scene #KOB0636

The scene is 11 minutes. The MP4 is 1920×1080.

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