Surprise Me – Celeste Star and Samantha Ryan


Surprise Me starring Celeste Star and Samantha Ryan
Celeste tells her lover Samantha about a movie she saw in which a woman was chloroformed. Celeste was really turned on by the scene and asks Samantha to sneak up on her when she least expects it and knock her out. Later, Samantha does just that, attacking Celeste from behind and chloroforming her into unconsciousness. Samantha decides to play with Celestes gorgeous body and she fondles her tits and ass. She even checks her eyes and plays with her face. When Celeste wakes up, she is excited and the girls kiss. Celeste grabs the cloth and shoves it in Samanthas face. Samantha is shocked and fights a bit before passing out. Celeste strips Samantha and fondles her passionately. Scene #KOB0432
22 minutes. The photo set contains 121 photos. MP4 640×480

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