Superheroines Under Attack – Jolene Hexx and Eva Long


Superheroines Under Attack starring Eva Long and Jolene Hexx
Jolene and Eva give brilliant campy comic performances in this outrageous knock out clip! Eva paces nervously in a small room while the sounds of hideous monsters attacking the earth are heard outside. Jolene comes running in and tells Eva how bad it is. The monsters are unstoppable. Jolene is determined to save the world and starts to go back out to battle the creatures. To stop her, Eva soaks a thick washcloth in chloroform and clasps it over her friends face. Jolene struggles hard but then her eyes roll back (a lot) and she falls limp to the floor. Eva needs to find an important key so she searches Jolene’s body, removing her top. When Jolene awakens, she tries to leave again, her eyes still rolling and her words slurred. Eva has no choice but to chloroform Jolene again. Exhausted, Eva lies down and falls asleep. When she wakes up, Jolene is awake. Eva makes a suggestion – she tells Jolene to chloroform her and use her as bait so that Jolene can escape. Jolene does not want to leave her friend but has no choice. But there’s not much chloroform left. So, when Jolene holds the cloth over Eva’s face, Eva’s eyes flutter but she does not pass out. After another try, Jolene decides to knock Eva out with a karate chop. But, Jolene refuses to leave her friend! She picks Eva up and carries her out of the room. This clip has some great knock outs and the girls really have a lot of fun with it. A couple of minutes of outtakes are included. 22 minutes.  Scene #SHKO0044
MP4 1920×1080

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