Superheroines in Peril 6 – Charlie Laine, Cali Logan


Superheroines in Peril 6 starring Charlie Laine, Cali Logan and Karlie Montana
Three of the best actresses around are knocked out, tied up and endlessly tormented in this thrilling scene, which also features some cool special effects! In clip 1, Karlie, acting on an anonymous tip, comes to a mysterious house. Suddenly, knock out gas fills the room. Karlie tries her best to fight it but, eventually, she is overcome and falls to the floor unconscious. She awakens bound to a chair, gagged with cloth. She struggles hard but can not free herself. In clip 2, Cali goes to see a scientist who is supposed to help her improve her powers. But, when she arrives, she is greeted by her nemesis, the evil Donovan. Cali walks through a force field and it weakens her so much that she passes out on the floor with Donovan taunting her. Donovan takes the opportunity to fondle his helpless victim and when she wakes up, she is horrified to discover that she has lost her powers. Donovan shows Cali a video screen on which she sees her friend Karlie bound and gagged. Cali kneels and begs for her friends life. Donovan says he will kill Karlie if Cali does not chloroform her friend Charlie. When Charlie arrives, Cali has no choice but to knock her out. Cali is then ordered to grope Charlie while Donovan gloats. Cali is ordered to stand with her hands against a post and has to watch while Donovan soaks a cloth and chloroforms her too. In clip 3, Cali and Charlie wake up bound to chairs facing each other. Despite Calis pleading and Charlies angry threats, Donovan gags the girls and tells them of the torture that will follow. Each girl is forced to watch while pain-inducing lasers are fired at the other. When struck with the lasers, the girls cringe and scream in agony. Charlie passes out and Cali manages to free herself. Unable to awaken her friend, she tries to sneak out. But Donovan knocks her out with chloroform, fondling her breasts while she passes out. Then, he carries her back to the other room. When Charlie wakes up, she also attempts to sneak away but is knocked out with Donovans chloroform soaked rag. She is carried and placed next to Cali. Meanwhile, Karlie remains bound and gagged at the other location. The room fills with gas and she passes out. In clip 4, Cali and Charlie wake up in Donovans bedroom. They are ordered to strip down to their tights and, with much anger, they do as they are told. The girls are further degraded when Donovan orders them to make out. In an extremely hot scene, the girls kiss and fondle each other. Still not satisfied, the vile villain orders the humiliated heroines to chloroform each other. They kneel facing each other and knock each other out. They awaken, still in just pantyhose, bound face to face, kneeling on the bed. The girls are told that they will be Donovans slaves forever. In clip 5, Donovan has a party for his fellow villains. Charlie is bound to a post in the middle of the room and we hear the party goers mocking her. Villain Jack Banner tortures Charlie with chloroform, applying it to her face several times and then taking it away. Finally, he places the chlora rag under a mask on Charlies face. Her eyes roll and she passes out. Later, we see Cali bound to the same post and gagged. This time, Jack fondles her tits while the villains watch. (The villains are only heard, they are not seen. Sorry). Days later, all three superheroines, now dressed in slutty outfits and high heels, are bound and ballgagged in a small room. Donovan removes their gags and tells them the room will soon fill with knock out gas. The defeated heroines lament their fate as the gas seeps in, knocking them unconscious. The fun outtakes contain scenes of the girls being knocked out, tied up and showing off their stocking feet. Scene #SHKT0038
Clip 1 is 9 minutes. Clip 2 is 17 minutes. Clip 3 is 19 minutes. Clip 4 is 16 minutes. Clip 5 is 11 minutes. The outtakes are 8 minutes. The photo set contains 318 photos. MP4 640×480.

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