Superheroines in Peril 4 Clips – Amber, Mary Jane, Cory


Superheroines in Peril 4 Clips starring Mary Jane Green, Cory Lane and Amber Michaels
Amber, Cory and Mary Jane are excellent in this spectacular scene which features tons of great knock outs and bondage. Mary Jane is snooping around a villains hideout when she is hit on the head and falls to the floor unconscious. She wakes up with her hands tied behind her back. Evil Mr. Parker comes in and gags her with a cloth between her teeth. Cory enters and is chloroformed while Mary Jane watches helplessly on a video screen. Cory tries hard to remain conscious, but Mr. Parker is not using the cheap stuff. Her eyes flutter rapidly as she grows more and more weary and finally passes out. Parker carries her off in his arms. She awakens tied up net to Mary Jane. Parker returns, ballgags Cory and threatens the girls. When they realize that their friend Amber will be Parkers next victim, they attempt to escape but Parker knocks them out with blows to the head. Amber is tricked into taking her boots off and is shot in the foot with a knock out ray fired by a little toy soldier. The effect used is really fun. Amber fights the effects of the ray, struggling to stay awake. With her face full of despair, she lies down and goes to sleep. Parker carries her off over his shoulder, her pantyhosed ass in the air. All three heroines are bound and gagged side by side with their tits exposed. They struggle hard as gas fills the room. Cory uses her telepathic powers to communicate with Amber and the two of them are able to free themselves. But the gas fills the room too fast and they can not save poor Mary Jane who passes out. Thinking her friends abandoned her, Mary Jane turns evil and joins Mr. Parker. She lures Amber to their hideout and tells her she has something to show her…in a briefcase. But, when the briefcase is opened, it sprays knock out gas into Ambers face. Again, Amber tries desperately to stay awake (her performance is amazing). Mary Jane takes the opportunity to fondle Amber as she is passing out and continues once she is unconscious. She leaves Amber lying there with her tits exposed and her skirt hiked up. Cory comes to the hideout later and is sprayed with the same gas. As Cory struggles to stay conscious, MJ fondles her beautiful body and naked tits. The fondling continues after Cory passes out. When the gas fails to knock Cory unconscious, Mr. Parker uses some chloroform to put her out completely. The fondling by Mary Jane continues after Cory passes out. Cory and Amber are led in on rope leashes. Their upper bodies are securely bound and their mouths are sealed with tape. They struggle and whimper as Mary Jane fondles and torments them. The heroines are then bound in a humiliating face to face position in just their tights. A pleasure ray forces them to experience extreme pleasure and they moan and rub their luscious bodies together. The ray becomes so intense that the heroines are about to explode. But Cory uses her telepathy to help them escape. The heroines grab Mary Jane and knock her out with chloroform. Mary Jane awakens tied standing to a post. She is gagged with duct tape and her costume is pulled aside, exposing her beautiful tits and her pantyhose-clad crotch. Cory and Amber fondle and torment her. Mr. Parker shows up and Amber destroys him with a powerful laser. The outtakes are great. They include some extra footage from the knock outs and lots of shots of the girls being bound. Scene #SHKT0017

54 minutes. Outtakes are 10 minutes. The photo set contains 253 photos. MP4 640×480

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