Superheroine Sisters – Janira Wolfe and Izzy Wolfe



Superheroine Sisters starring Janira Wolfe and Izzy Wolfe
Real life sisters Izzy and Janira look hot in spandex and have a lot of fun in this sexy clip. Izzy, looking amazing in a pink spandex catsuit and boots, enters a room and looks around. Suddenly, Janira sneaks in behind her. Janira clasps a cloth over her sister’s face. Izzy fights hard but soon her eyes roll and she goes limp in Janira’s arms. Janira moves her sister to a chair. Pervy crimefighter that she is, she can’t resist opening her sister’s uniform and playing with her beautiful tits. When Izzy awakens, the girls talk about how this was all part of Izzy’s heroine training. She’s excited because now she gets to capture Janira, as part of her training. Later, Janira enters a room and Izzy sneaks in behind her. She uses the cloth on her sister and, despite her struggling, manages to subdue her. But, just when Izzy thinks she’s succeeded, Janira awakens and Izzy has to use the cloth again. She places Janira’s limp body on a chair and plays with her limbs a bit. Left alone, Janira awakens, very groggy. Before she can even get up, the hand of a villain holds a flashing light in her face. Janira is immediately mesmerized. With glassy eyes, she sits quietly while the villain programs her brain with a series of audio tones. Responding “yes master”, Janira soaks a cloth an waits for her sister. When Izzy shows up, she’s puzzled by her sister’s blank expression and is terrified when Janira comes toward her, cloth in hand. Janira uses the cloth to subdue Izzy. She puts her on the floor and sits next to her. She then uses the cloth to put herself to sleep and falls limply next to her sister. This is a great scene with 2 of the cutest girls in the fetish world. Scene #SHMI0021

The scene is 16 minutes, the outtakes are 7 minutes. MP4 1280×720.

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