Superheroine Roommates – Charlie Laine & Jassie


Hypnotized Superheroine Roommates starring Charlie Laine and Jassie
The girls look incredible in this fun, sexy story. First, senior superheroine Charlie learns that an arch-criminal is coming to her home to capture her. She orders her roommate–junior superheroine Jassie–to hide while she deals with him. But Jassie yearns for excitement. She uses her mesmerizing powers (a laser that comes out of her finger!) to put Charlie in a trance! Jassie decides to embarrass her ex-friend. She commands Charlie to go to the Governors house and attack him. Charlie does as she is told. But the Governor manages to wake Charlie from her trance. Charlie returns home and confronts Jassie. The girls both shoot trance rays at the same time and both end up in a trance! When the long-awaited villain arrives, he finds that his dreams have come true–2 entranced superheroines! He strips both girls and fondles Jassies lovely body. Then, he commands his new slaves to make out. The girls passionately kiss and fondle each other. Jassie licks Charlies ass cheeks. As a final humiliation, the bad guy videotapes a message from the superheroines in which they threaten the people of the city with violence! The outtakes are a real treat as Charlie and Jassie cant keep it together and are cracking up on set while totally naked. Scene #SHHYP0008

19 minutes. The outtakes are 6.5 minutes. The photo set contains 115 photos. MP4 640×480

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