Superheroine in the Closet – Carissa Montgomery, Mary Jane


Superheroine in the Closet starring Carissa Montgomery and Mary Jane Green
Sexy superheroine Carissa gets a tip about a woman in danger. Arriving at the location, she finds mary Jane bound and gagged. She unties her and is anxious to track down the culprits but Mary Jane pulls out a chloroform-soaked cloth and knocks the heroic heroine out cold. Carissa is dragged away and later wakes up in a closet, handcuffed, tied and ballgagged. Mary Jane explains that she plans to become a super villain. She soaks a cloth in chloroform, puts it inside a mask and attaches the mask to Carissa’s face. Carissa’s eyes roll and she finds herself in a continuous semi-conscious state. She manages to pull the cloth off her face and breaks free of the cuffs. But, when she tries to flee, Mary Jane grabs her from behind and knocks her out again. She plays with Carissa’s limp body and takes photos of as she does. 13 minutes. Scene #SHKT0047
MP4 1280×680

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