Superheroine Bitch – Celeste Star and Samantha Ryan


Superheroine Bitch starring Celeste Star and Samantha Ryan
The girls look hot in this cute little scene. The two superheroine roommates hang out at home and Celeste tells Samantha that she got a hot tip on the location of a master criminal and she intends to arrest him. But Samantha has been working on the case and wants the credit. So she sprays knock out spray on some flowers and convinces Celeste to smell them. Celeste takes a big whiff and quickly passes out. When Celeste wakes up, she is bound and gagged. Samantha taunts her and goes off to find the criminal. Celeste struggles and eventually frees herself. When Samantha returns, Celeste sprays her in the face with the knock out spray and Samantha falls unconscious. Celeste takes the opportunity to fondle her friend. Samantha awakens bound and gagged. Celeste pulls her top off and fondles her luscious body, taunting her the whole time. 21 minutes. Scene #SHKT0042
MP4 640×480.

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