Superheroine Audition – Charlie Laine and Cali Logan


Superheroine Audition starring Charlie Laine and Cali Logan
An organization of crime fighters is looking for junior superheroines and are accepting audition tapes from qualified girls. Looking adorable in their underwear, they talk about how excited they are. Charlie can not wait to start fighting crime while Cali is looking forward to the glamorous life of a superheroine. They strip naked and dress in their hot costumes. A cameraman arrives to shoot their audition tapes and Charlie does a great job with hers. She leaves to edit her tape and the cameraman turns his attention to Cali. He convinces Cali to strike some sexy poses but, when he asks her to take her top off, she angrily refuses. He holds a flashing light in her face and she is immediately in a trance. He speaks to her in a soothing voice and tells her that she is his slave. He orders Cali to remove her top and models for him. Then, he fondles her luscious tits. He orders Cali to help him entrance Charlie. When Charlie returns, she realizes that her friend is in a trance and tries to get away. Cali grabs Charlie and holds her while flashing the light in her eyes. Charlie is entranced and now both girls are under the control of the evil-doer. Every time he gives them a command, the girls reply together in monotone voices. He orders the girls to walk like zombies around the house and then to bring him a snack. Next, he makes the girls slap each other in the face. The girls are then commanded to become a young couple on a date at the drive-in…and Charlie is the man! The mesmerized girls sit on a table and act as if they are on date. Charlie comes on to Cali and the two make out passionately. To further entertain himself, the creep orders his slaves to do a strip tease. Once they are naked, he commands them to make out again. When he has had his fill, he orders the girls to get him another snack. Then, they kneel before him and swear their undying devotion to him. 38 minutes. Scene #SHHYP0024 

MP4 640×480

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