Superheroine and the Reporter – Ashley Lane, Danni Rivers


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Superheroine and the Reporter starring Ashley Lane and Danni Rivers
Two gorgeous girls are bound and gagged in this fun damsel in distress story! In Clip 1, college reporter Danni goes to see Dean Donovan about funding the school newspaper. But she overhears him talking about selling female students as sex slaves. The dean catches her and ties her to a chair. A cloth gag over her mouth silences her pleading. Left alone, Danni struggles and whimpers in fear. Suddenly, there’s a flash of light and superheroine Electron Girl appears. She chases the dean away and unties Danni, who is very grateful…and a little turned on. In Clip 2, its few days later, Danni meets with her friend Ashley, having no idea that Ashley is Electron Girl. Suddenly, Dean Donovan shows up and terrorizes the girls. He gags the girls and orders Danni to bind Ashley with tape. He then tapes up Danni. Left alone, the girls struggle hard but can’t get free. They work their gags loose and Ashley reveals her true identity to Danni. Ashley says her magic word and transforms into Electron Girl. She punches the dean and sends him running. In Clip 3, Electron Girl comes to see Danni. But the superheroine seems like she’s in a trance. Danni confesses her physical attraction but Electron Girl remains entranced. Suddenly, she grabs the confused Danni, gags her and ties her up. Dean Donovan appears…he has Electron Girl under his control! He orders the superheroine to say her magic word and she transforms back into Ashley. Donovan ties up Ashley then wakes her up out of the trance. She tries to say her magic word again but he gags her quickly. Left alone, the girls struggle hard but can’t get free. Donovan returns and carries Danni away while Ashley whimpers in fear. Scene #BG0830

MP4 HD 1920 x 1080
Full Scene is 29 minutes, HD 1.24GB
Clip 1 is 11 minutes.
HD 517MB
Clip 2 is 12.5 minutes.
HD 519MB
Clip 3 is 6.5 minutes.
HD 345MB
Outtakes are 11 minutes, HD 476MB

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