Super-Friends No More – Cory Lane and Jewell Marceau


Super-Friends No More starring Cory Lane and Jewell Marceau
Gorgeous Cory stars as Golden Flame and luscious Jewell is her arch-enemy Lady Midnight. The scene begins with a flashback. The two women are friends and villain Dick Darkly hatches a devious plan to end their friendship. He chloraforoms Golden Flame. The heroine puts up a mighty struggle but soon her eyes roll and she is unconscious. Dick takes a moment to run his evil hands over Flames exquisite body. Then, he uses a radio transmitter to control her mind and body. He forces the robotic Golden Flame to knock Lady Midnight out with a blow to the head. Lady Midnight is bound and ballgagged. Golden Flame, no longer in a trance, fights hard as she is led into the room on a leash and tied back to back with Midnight. Midnight does not realize that Flame was under Darklys control when she knocked her out. Their luscious exposed tits bounce around as they shake violently trying to escape. When poisonous gas fills the room, Lady Midnight passes out but Golden Flame escapes and saves her friend by dragging her away. When Lady Midnight wakes up, she still thinks Golden Flame betrayed her and they start fighting. Golden Flame chokes Midnight until she passes out. Back in the present day, we learn that Lady Midnight has joined the dark side and is now a villain.  Golden Flame pays a visit to the now evil Lady Midnight. Lady Midnight fires a powerful ray gun (a very cool special effect) at Golden Flame, draining her powers. She then knocks her unconscious with chloroform. She takes delight in fondling and carressing the luscious body of her former friend. They used to be roommates at Superheroine Academy, and Lady Midnight always had the hots for her. She squeezes and licks Golden Flames awesome exposed tits.  Golden Flame finds herself bound, cloth gagged and dragged around on a leash. In a very hot scene, Lady Midnight fondles and terrorizes her helpless captive, squeezing and licking her breasts and threatens her with the ray gun. She also exposes her own tits because, well, the more the merrier. She removes Golden Flames gag and forces her to kiss her feet and her ass and even buries Flames face in her leather-clad crotch. But then, Lady Midnights boss orders her to dispose of Golden Flame. What will she do to her?! Find out in the next video.  48 minutes. Scene #SHKT0011
MP4 640×480

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