Stripper for Sale – Sheena Shaw


Stripper for Sale starring Sheena Shaw
Exotic dancer Sheena comes for an audition and ends up being held captive. She does a very sexy dance for club owner Donovan but when she turns her back to him, he chloroforms her. They both end up on the floor and Donovan plays with Sheenas body, eyes and face. He then carries her away in his arms. Sheena is securely hogtied and Donovan fondles her unconscious, bound body. When she wakes up, her captor ballgags her and tells her of her horrifying fate. She will be sold as a slave! Sheena, with hands bound behind her is forced to give Donovan a lap dance. Then she is chloroformed again. Donovan heavily gropes Sheenas limp body before carrying her off. About 2 minutes of excellent outtakes are included. Scene #KOTI0168
29 minutes. The photo set contains 114 photos. 640×480.

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