Stoned and Sleepy – Eva Long, Megan Loxx


Stoned and Sleepy starring Eva Long and Megan Loxx
The girls hang out at home, looking for something to do. The decide to get high! Megan fills a big bong and the girls smoke big hits out of it. They get pretty baked, pretty fast. They also get really horny. They start kissing and touching each other’s bodies. They even rub each other’s panty-clad crotches with their bare feet. When they step out for a moment, a creepy guy sneaks in and pours a drug into the bong! When the girls return, they smoke again. They get very sleepy but continue to make out and touch each other. But their eyes start to roll back and the pass out in each other’s arms. The bong doesn’t get drugged until about 10 minutes into the clip. Some of the footage from this scene also appears in our clip “Hotties Get High.” Scene #KOB0673

16.5 minutes. 1280×720.

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