Stolen Identity – Charlie Laine and Jassie


Stolen Identity starring Charlie Laine and Jassie
Two gorgeous superheroines knock each other out in this outrageous story. Superheroine Charlie comes home from a long day of crime-fighting. Jassie has come across some super-strength chloroform and she uses it to knock the heroine out. When Charlie awakens, Jassie uses the cloth on her again. She strips Charlie and puts on her costume–she plans to impersonate Charlie! The costume is the source of Charlies powers so the powers are passed on to Jassie when she puts it on. Before leaving, Jassie decides to fondle Charlies naked body. Charlie awakens without her powers. But, she still has her Junior Superheroine costume so she puts it on and gets her powers back. When Jassie returns, she and Charlie wrestle. Charlie sprays Jassie with knock out spray and strips the costume off her. But Jassie wakes up and sprays Charlie. Charlie is stripped and photographed before Jassie leaves with the costume. 22 minutes. Scene #SHKO0010

  MP4 640×480

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