Stocking Foot Stepmon – Samantha Ryan and Angie Savage


Stocking Foot Stepmom starring Samantha Ryan and Angie Savage
In Clip 1, Samantha comes to visit her friend. Her friend is out but Angie, her friend’s sexy young stepmother, is home. While Samantha waits for her friend, Angie does some paperwork. Samantha tries to help Angie relax by rubbing her stocking feet. Angie is a bit resistant but then gives in to the pleasure. Sam speaks to Angie in a soothing voice and, after a while, Angie goes into a trance. Sam tells Angie to worship her nyloned feet and Angie does as she is told. She thoroughly kisses, rubs and sucks Samantha’s feet. In Clip 2, it is Sam’s turn. She enjoys kissing and sucking Angies luscious stocking feet. Angie enjoys it too, and unbuttons her own top so that Samantha can rub her breasts with her nylon feet. Angie is then ordered to make out with Sam. The girls kiss and grope each other before stripping to their pantyhose for more intense making out. Suddenly, Samantha’s friend shows up and is shocked to see her friend and her stepmother messing around. Samantha pretends that it was Angie who tried to seduce her. Angie continues to try to make out with Sam in front of her stepdaughter. Scene #FTSF0131

Clip 1 is 16 minutes, Clip 2 is 13 minutes. 720×540.

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