Stepsister Smackdown – Star and Nickey Huntsman



Stepsister Smackdown starring Star and Nickey Huntsman.
Nickey invites stepsister Star over to talk about a birthday party. In reality, she wants to embarrass Star to keep her from getting an inheritance. When Star is not looking, Nickey smacks her with a club. Star falls to her knees, eyes rolling. A second blow makes Star fall to the floor, limp. Nickey drags Star to the couch. But Star wakes up again and gets hot again. Nickey strips Star down to her panties and stockings. When Nickey steps out, Star wakes up. She uses the club on Nickey, who also gets hit twice before she goes limp. She wakes up again and tries to stagger away but Star uses the club to make her limp. With great difficulty, Star manages to pull Nickey’s limp body onto the couch where she strips her. Star fondles Nickey’s luscious tits and body. When she gets’d distracted, Nickey wakes up and uses the club on Star. She puts Star in a sexy pose and goes to get her camera. When she returns, Star uses a karate chop to make her limp. But Star is tired and falls asleep on the couch. Both girls awaken at the same time and Nickey punches Star out. But Nickey is so disoriented, she falls on the couch and goes to sleep.. A few minutes of fun outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0621

23 minutes. The MP4s are 1920×1080.

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