Stealing Her Identity – Angie Savage and Sammie Rhodes


Stealing Her Identity starring Angie Savage and Sammie Rhodes
Evil Angie steals good girl Sammies identity and keeps her knocked out and tied up in this hot, exciting scene! In Clip 1, Black Rose (Angie) calls her nemesis Sammie and lures her to her hideout. Sammie, waves her arms and, with a flash of light, transforms into her alter ego, American Woman. Sammie goes to see Angie, planning to arrest her. But Angie, looking delicious in skin tight pants and sexy top, pulls a gun and fires. Sammie uses her super powers to deflect the bullets! When Sammie approaches her, Angie sprays Sammie with knock out spray. Sammie falls to her knees and almost passes out. Angie takes the opportunity to remove Sammie’s belt, thus stealing her powers. Sammie is forced to strip naked while Angie taunts her. Totally turned on, Angie rubs her spandex clad crotch. She frisks/fondles Sammie before knocking her unconscious with a blow to the head. Sammie wakes up tied naked on a bed with her legs spread. A cloth gag muffles her humiliated whimpering. Angie enters and adds to the humiliation by straddling Sammie and fondling her luscious naked body. She then tortures Sammie by applying small doses of chloroform. When she is done having fun, she ties the chloroform cloth over Sammie’s face and leaves her there to pass out. In clip 2, Sammie wakes up, frees herself and sneaks away. But, she is caught and wrestles with Angie. Forced to her knees, Sammie is knocked out with a blow to the head. She wakes up tied standing to a wooden board. Angie gags her with tape then strips naked and puts on Sammies American Woman uniform! Sammie whimpers, knowing that Angie plans to go on a crime spree and blame it on her! After taunting and fondling Sammie, Angie slaps her in the face, knocking her out cold. Sammie wakes up hogtied on the floor, her mouth taped. Angie mocks her before injecting her in the ass with a knock out drug. Angie laughs as Sammie slowly passes out. When she awakens, she quickly frees herself and grabs the needle. When Angie returns, Sammie injects her with the serum. Angie quickly falls to the couch and passes out. Although she is a good girl, Sammie can not resist fondling Angie. Angie awakens naked, except for her tights, bound and gagged. Sammie fondles her some more before calling the police. The outtakes contain a few unused knock out shots, lots of footage of the girls being tied and some funny joking around. Scene #SHKT0034
51 minutes. Clip 1 is 26 minutes. Clip 2 is 25 minutes. The outtakes, which are NOT INCLUDED with the complete scene are 9 minutes. The photo set contains 195 photos. MP4 640×480

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