Stalking the Detective – Eva Long, Sablique Von Lux


Stalking the Detective starring Eva Long and Sablique Von Lux.

Eva, looking outrageous in tight jeans and top, snoops around in a creepy garage. Sablique sneaks up on her and clasps a cloth over her face. The desperate detective fights hard but then her eyes flutter and she goes limp. Statuesque Sablique easily picks Eva up in her arms and carries her away. Eva is plopped down on a chair. Sablique removes Eva’s top and sensuously fondles her. Left alone, Eva awakens and attempts to escape. Suddenly the door bursts open and Sablique attacks Eva with the cloth. After a nice struggle, Eva slows down and goes limp in Sablique’s arms. Sablique picks her up and carries her away. It’s a very unusual carry. Scene #KOB0644

The scene is 10 minutes. MP4 1920×1080

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