Stalking the Cheerleader – Chrissy Marie



Stalking the Cheerleader starring Chrissy Marie
Chrissy couldn’t be cuter in this suspenseful chloroform video. She’s a cheerleader in a white outfit with sneakers and socks. She tells her friend on the phone about a creepy guy that she thinks is following her. As she walks through the house, a scary intruder follows her. When Chrissy sits on a sofa, the villain sneaks up behind her very slowly, pausing to soak a cloth. He grabs Chrissy, pulling her head back and clasping the cloth over her mouth. She fights hard, kicking her feet and giving you a great up skirt view. But then her eyes flutter and she passes out. The madman carries Chrissy over his shoulder to another room. He puts pom poms in her hands and manipulates her body, making her do cheers. Then he pulls her close to him and talks to her like she’s his girlfriend. When Chrissy wakes up and tries to stagger away, he chloroforms her again, pushing her to her knees. With lots of eye-fluttering, Chrissy passes out. He strips her down to her socks and panties then carries her away in his arms. A few minutes of excellent outtakes are included. They feature lots of extra footage from the knock outs. Scene #KOB0591
15 minutes. 1280×720

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