Stalking Jade – Jade Nile



Stalking Jade starring Jade Nile
Beautiful Jade is hanging out at home, looking amazing in short shorts and clingy top. She doesn’t even notice the evil intruder who silently sneaks in. When Jade stands up, the guy pounces and clasps a cloth over her face. She struggles hard but then her eyes roll back and flutter. She passes out in the villain’s arms. He holds her up and sways back and forth with Jade’s arms hanging limply. He carries her over his shoulder to another room and plops her down in an office chair. He plays with her limp arms and fondles her luscious tits. When Jade awakens, she groggily staggers away. The villain follows behind her and allies the chloroform to her face briefly but then lets her keep walking. Then, he chloroforms her into unconsciousness and places her on the sofa. He pulls her top off and gropes her body. She awakens but he quickly knocks her out again. A couple of minutes of excellent outtakes are included. 13 minutes. Scene #KOB0683

MP4 1920×1080

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