Stalking Ember – Ember Stone



here for a preview of the outtakes.

Stalking Ember starring Ember Stone
Cute and sexy Ember is stalked, chloroformed, carried and groped by a scary intruder in this hot clip! Ember comes home and looks at her mail, unaware that the malevolent villain is following her around and spying on her. He soaks a cloth in chloroform, spilling some of it on the floor in the process. Finally, he sneaks up on his prey and clasps the cloth over her face. Ember fights hard but the fumes overcome her and, with some great eye-rolling, she slows down and falls to the floor. She tries to crawl away but the intruder turns her on her back and chloroforms her into unconsciousness. He carries her to the living room sofa where he strips her to her panties and gropes her luscious body. He then carries her to another room. Ember starts to wake up so he chloroforms her again. He stands for a while swaying back and forth with her limp body. Ember is placed on an office chair. Another guy shows up and he also gropes Ember’s naked body and tits. When she awakens, the guys have fun pushing her back and forth between then. They each take turns using the cloth on her until she passes out. Ember goes limp and is carried away.

The excellent outtakes contain tons of great footage from the chloro and groping scenes and even has some POV style footage that was shot with a GoPro camera. The POV footage looks a little weird, kind of shaky, but it’s fun to watch. Scene #KOB0667.

The full scene is 26, the outtakes are 16 minutes. 1280×720.

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