Stalked, Grabbed and Bound – Celeste Star


Stalked, Grabbed and Bound starring Celeste Star
Celeste is fantastic in this exciting captivity scene which was shot as a custom video. She comes home, looking beautiful in a business skirt outfit. After chatting with her friend on the phone, she gets undressed and takes a shower. Meanwhile villain Tim spies on her through a window and breaks into the house. While she showers, he waits to pounce. Celeste gets out of the shower and, yes, she does look very sexy while wet. She puts on a man’s button down shirt which looks really cute. When she goes to the kitchen for a snack, Tim grabs her and hand-gags her. Tim explains that he is there to steal the money Celeste brought home from work. When she tells him she already deposited the money, he decides to stay the night and take her to the bank the next day. In the bedroom, Celeste is securely bound with thin rope and gagged with a cloth pulled tightly between her teeth. Left alone, Celeste struggles hard. She squirms her way onto the floor and crawls into the bathroom. Unable to free herself, she falls asleep on the floor. When the villain returns, he carries her back to the bed. Celeste begs him to let her use the bathroom. He allows it but stands guard outside the door. Celeste is then tightly bound to a wooden chair. When she begs for something to eat, the guy creepily feeds her some candy and chips while she’s still tied up. Then Celeste is brought to the bedroom and ordered to change into a dress and sandals so they can go to the bank. Humiliated, Celeste does as she is told. She looks great in the tight dress and looks even better when Tim binds and gags her with electrical tape. Her eyes widen with fear as he soaks a cloth in chloroform. Celeste is knocked out and lies there lifeless for a while. When she wakes up, she hops all around the house, looking for a way to get free. She hears Tim returning and hops really fast back to the bed. Tim blindfolds her and carries her out. There’s a brief shot of her lying bound and gagged in the back seat of his car. When they return, Tim tells Celeste that she will be left tied up for the night. She begs him to let her shower and he agrees. Celeste gets undressed and takes a shower while Tim stands guard. He makes her put on a sexy nightgown. He ties her tightly with thin rope, then puts tape over the rope. Celeste is cruelly gagged, blindfolded and left on the bed. After some struggling, she gets up, works her blindfold loose and hops around the house trying to free herself. She finally does and quickly calls 911.
A few minutes of excellent outtakes are included with the full scene or with Clip 2. Scene #BG0724

MP4 1280×680. 64 minutes. The photo set has 88 photos.

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