Stalked for Slavery – Ashley Lane and Summer Day



Stalked for Slavery starring Ashley Lane and Summer Day
Ashley and Summer are captured by a mysterious villain in this tense scene! Ashley comes home and quickly grabbed and handgagged by the intruder. When Summer comes home, she is horrified to find her friend tightly bound and gagged on the bed. Summer is grabbed and handgagged. The girls end up bound and gagged on the bed, struggling to free themselves. The guy returns and tells the girls he has to get them ready to show to his buyer. Later, the girls are in sexy lingerie with their hands bound. They’re whimpering is silenced by tight ballgags. The guy gropes the girls breasts and asses, telling them that they will soon be sold into slavery. The creepy slaver shows up and also takes his turn groping the girls. The girls are horrified when he decides to buy them. 18 minutes. Scene #BG0798

MP4 1280×720.

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