Stacy the Statue – Stacy Burke and Star


Stacy the Statue starring Stacy Burke and Star
The girls have a lot of fun with their roles in this unusual story which was made as a custom. Both girls are in leotards and tan pantyhose and there are some excellent stocking foot close ups. In Clip 1, Superheroine Stacy is excited about posing for a famous artist. Star will be making a statue of Stacy to be placed on the lawn at City Hall. Star flatters Stacy, speaking with admiration for her many adventures. Stacy compliments Star’s sculptures which are amazingly life-like. Suddenly, Star sprays a knock out liquid in Stacy’s face. Stacy gasps for a moment before falling unconscious. She awakens on a long table with wires attached to her body. Star tells Stacy that she will be electrocuted if she moves. She further informs her that she will not be making a statue of Stacy…she will be turning Stacy into a statue! Star will suck all of Stacy’s power out of her body and put it into her own. All that will be left of Stacy is a realistic statue. Star lies on a table, attaches wires to herself and turns on the machine. Stacy moans in agony as the life is sucked out of her. Star moans in orgasmic pleasure as she absorbs Stacy’s power. In Clip 2, Star poses Stacy in different positions before deciding on the right one for the statue. She uses a remote control to freeze Stacy in place and calls the Mayor to tell him the statue is ready. About 3 minutes of outtakes are included with the full scene or with Clip 2.  Scene #SHHYP0025

The full scene is 38 minutes. Clip 1 is 27 minutes. Clip 2 is 11 minutes. The photo set has 105 photos. MP4 HD 1280×680.

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