Stacy Sleepy in Satin 2 – Stacy Burke



Stacy Sleepy in Satin 2 starring Stacy Burke
Stacy is chloroformed in satin clothes in these 3 sexy stories. First, Stacy looks incredible in a hot little lingerie outfit and bare feet. She sits on a bed struggling, blindfolded with hands tied. The villain enters and soaks a cloth in chloroform while he taunts Stacy. Without removing the blindfold, he applies the cloth to her face, knocking her out cold. It’s pretty hot seeing Stacy knocked out while blindfolded! He plays with her limp body, pulls out her tits and gropes them. He removes her blindfold and Stacy wakes up. She fights hard but he gets hold of her and chloroforms her again. In the next story, Stacy lies on the bed in shiny lingerie. The creepy villain enters and touches Stacy while she sleeps. Stacy awakens and senses that something is wrong. While she sits on the edge of the bed, the guy sneaks up and clasps the chloroform cloth over her face. She fights hard but then her eyes roll back and she passes out. Stacy’s limp body is fondled. In the third segment, Stacy looks awesome as she lounges on the sofa in satin lingerie. The villain enters and spies on her while soaking a cloth in chloroform. When Stacy gets up, he pounces and chloroforms her. Once Stacy is unconscious, the guy holds her limp body close to him and sways back and forth. He moves her clothing aside and gropes her tits. He picks her up and holds her in his arms for a while before carrying her to the couch for more groping. Then, he picks her up in his arms and carries her away. 24 minutes. The photo set contains 133 photos. MP4 1280×640

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