Stacy Sleepy in Satin 1 – Stacy Burke



Stacy Sleepy in Satin 1 starring Stacy Burke
Stacy looks really hot in satin and shiny clothes in these 3 fun stories. First, Stacy comes for a job interview in satin pants and cute blouse. The guy is evasive when Stacy asks questions, making her suspicious. The guy steps out for a moment and soaks a cloth with chloroform while he watches Stacy from behind a screen. He sneaks up and chloroforms Stacy. When she is unconscious, he holds her body close to him and sways back and forth. He then sits on the sofa with her, opens her blouse and gropes her tits. He then turns her over to play with her ass. Next, Stacy is a detective (although she looks like a stewardess) in business skirt outfit and satin scarf. A villain wants some evidence she has in a briefcase so he sneaks up and chloroforms her. He briefly plays with her body while standing then sits on the couch to molest her limp body. In the third segment, Stacy sits bound and gagged in red satin pajamas. She struggles for a while and is terrified when she sees the villain return with a cloth in his hand. He soaks the cloth in front of her and taunts her. He applies the cloth to Stacy’s face several times then removes it. Finally, he chloroforms her into unconsciousness and gropes and manipulates her cute little body. About a minute of outtakes are included with the scene. 22 minutes. The photo set contains 95 photos. MP4 1280×640

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