Stacy, My New Girlfriend – Stacy Burke


Stacy, My New Girlfriend starring Stacy Burke
Sexy Stacy is taking a nap when cruel burglar Jack and his perverted henchman Joe break in and grab her. Stacy ends up securely bound with tape and is gagged with more tape wrapped around her head. Stacy is felt up, groped and humiliated by the both of them as she strains against her bonds and whimpers through her tight gag. Stacy looks hot in denim mini, clingy top and sheer pantyhose. The vicious criminals pull her top down to reveal a lacy bra and they turn her over so they can squeeze her tasty ass. But things do not end there for Stacy. The creeps decide to take her with them and she is dragged out of the room. Scene #BG0464

7 minutes. 640×480

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