Spy Games – Stacy Burke and Chanta Rose


Spy Games starring Stacy Burke and Chanta Rose
Sexy Australian Chanta Rose plays a super-spy who is held captive by villain Stacy Burke. The girls have genuine chemistry together and make excellent foes. Chanta’s accent is adorable and the verbal interplay between the girls is fun and exciting. First, in tight, shiny pants and top, Chanta is bound to a wooden chair, ballgagged. She is fondled and humiliated by Stacy. After pulling down her shirt straps, Stacy licks Chanta’s hot tits and bites her nipples. Stacy relentlessly gropes Chanta, especially after Chanta tries to head butt her. She slaps her tits and violently shakes her head, holding her by the hair. Stacy eventually leaves her there to suffer for a while. After struggling and shaking in her chair, Chanta’s ropes become loose and she escapes from her bonds. When Stacy returns, Chanta sneaks up behind her, chokes her with a rope and pinches her nose until she passes out. The tables are turned. Stacy finds herself bound to a post standing, with arms apart and tied overhead. Chanta torments and teases her. She exposes, gropes and licks Stacy’s magnificent rack, then takes off her own top and presses their tits together. Chanta is quite the devilish little super-spy. She pinches her own nipples for pleasure as she rubs her leather-clad ass against Stacy’s PVC clad crotch. This scene is very hot; with two blondes, lots of rope, teasing, torment and tits, it is a must-see for fans of these two awesome performers. Scene #BG0380

27 minutes. MP4 640×480

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