Spy Games – Charlotte Stokely, Star


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Spy Games starring Charlotte Stokely and Star
The girls do a great job in this fun, sexy scene of intrigue. Stunning spy Charlotte paces nervously as she talks to her supervisor on the phone. She confesses that she has been having dreams about her partner Star turning against her. Although they’re just dreams, Charlotte is very upset. She describes the dreams to the supervisor…. In the first dream, Star visits Charlotte and everything seems fine. The girls start to kiss passionately. Suddenly, Star pulls a dart gun from her boot and fires the drugged dart into Charlotte’s chest. Charlotte’s eyes roll back and she gasps for breath. She falls to the floor and passes out as Star gently caresses her. Star plays with her limp friend, manipulating her body and stripping off her dress. She takes a flash drive that Charlotte was hiding and leaves. In the second dream, Star arrives and the girls start to make out. Suddenly, Star sticks a needle with a knock out drug in Charlotte’s butt. Charlotte is shocked and slowly passes out while Star kisses her. Star strips Charlotte and plays with her limp body. When Charlotte awakens, Star shoots her with another dart. Charlotte gasps for breath before passing out. Star plays with her friend a little more before leaving her on the floor. Then we see the third dream. Star arrives and Charlotte is in the bedroom, looking very cute in just a white shirt and stockings. After fixing her make up and hair, Charlotte heads for the bathroom and Star pounces. She clasps a cloth over Charlotte’s face. After some fighting, Charlotte’s eyes roll back and she falls to her knees and passes out. Star tosses her on the bed and handcuffs her. When Charlotte awakens, Star chloroforms her again. She fondles her limp body. When she wakes up again, Star shoots her with a dart from a blowgun. Charlotte gets up and tries to stagger away but she falls to her knees and passes out. After a bit more fondling, Star leaves her on the floor. In the fourth dream, Charlotte is getting ready in the bedroom, again in her sexy white shirt. Star arrives and replaces Charlotte’s lipstick with duplicate. When Charlotte applies the lipstick, she starts to get tired. Attempting to stagger away, Charlotte falls to the floor and passes out. Star gropes her and manipulates her body before leaving her there. Back in the real world, Charlotte tells her supervisor not to worry. They’re just dreams…or are they?! Scene #KOB0572

50 minutes. The photo set has 158 photos. 1280×680

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