Spanking the Mail Girls – Ashley Lane and Chrissy Marie



Spanking the Mail Girls starring Ashley Lane and Chrissy Marie
The girls look amazing in this unusual story. At a big corporation, executive Chrissy calls employee Ashley to her office. She tells Ashley about a new program at the company – The Mail Girl Program – where female employees deliver mail nude. Ashley is shocked and disgusted. But, when Chrissy tells her about the pay raise and benefits, Ashley reluctantly agrees. Chrissy shocks Ashley further by ordering her to strip naked right there in her office! Ashley it humiliated but does as she’s told. Later, Ashley, fully nude and wearing a number on her body, walks around the office delivering mail. Chrissy calls her into her office and reprimands her for a late delivery. Chrissy orders Ashley to bend over her desk. Ashley whimpers as Chrissy gives her a firm spanking. Ashley is made to kneel and is given a special letter for immediate delivery. Ashley decides to read the letter and discovers that Chrissy is plotting to get her boss fired. Ashley confronts her about it and Chrissy begs for mercy. Ashley tells her that she won’t be fired if she agrees to become a mail girl! Chrissy has no choice but to agree and is then made to strip naked in front of Ashley. Chrissy bends over the desk and is spanked by vindictive Ashley. Later, both girls, naked and wearing numbers, are called into the president’s office. He reprimands the girls then makes them bend over for a harsh spanking. Both girls are made to assume a submissive position on the office floor. 21 minutes. Scene #FTMI0108

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