Spanking the Mail Girls 2 – Ariel Anderssen and Rachel Adams


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Spanking the Mail Girls 2 starring Ariel Anderssen and Rachel Adams
Ariel and Rachel endure naked humiliation and spanking in this outrageous clip. When Ariel talks about her financial troubles to co-worker Rachel, she’s surprised by Rachel’s bizarre suggestion. Rachel tells her that the company has a “Mail Girl” program. If Ariel will agree to work naked every day, the company will pay off all her debts. Ariel is shocked at first. But eventually she gives in and signs a contract. Ariel then has to strip naked in front of Rachel and, totally humiliated, she has to go back to work. The next day, Ariel, still naked and now with a number on her body, talks to Rachel again. Rachel informs her that she has earned demerits for delivering the mail late and must be punished. Ariel has to lean over the desk and Rachel gives her a hard spanking. Ariel whimpers and winces as Rachel cruelly criticizes her for not being a good worker. Later, Ariel discovers that Rachel has been selling company secrets so she confronts her. Rachel has no choice but to become a mail girl herself. Totally humiliated, she is made to strip naked and lean over the desk so Ariel can give her a good spanking. The next day, the girls discover that Tim Woodman is now the boss. He verbally abuses the girls then orders them to lean over the desk. He spanks them both hard, leaving their asses red. When he’s done, he sends the humiliated girls back to work. The clip includes some great outtakes. They include second camera footage which gives you alternate angles of the spankings. 29 minutes. The Photo Set has 50 photos. Scene #SPNK0021
MP4 HD 1920×1080 – 1.3GB

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