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Spanked and Humiliated Stepdaughter – Jenna Noelle and Alana Cruise

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Spanked and Humiliated Stepdaughter starring Jenna Noelle and Alana Cruise
Alana shows you how she disciples her stepdaughter. She explains to you that her stepdaughter sometimes misbehaves. When she does, she gets spanked. She puts Jenna over her knee and spanks her hard with her hand. She then stands Jenna up, pulls her jeans down and giver her another over the knee spanking. She pulls down Jenna’s panties for one more round of spanking. Then, Jenna, naked from the waist down, is seated with her legs up. Alana spanks her naked flesh hard, both her ass and her thighs. Alana explains that sometimes Jenna needs more discipline. Jenna stands against a wall and Alana spanks her ass with a wooden spoon. She pulls down Jenna’ s jeans and spanks her some more. Then she pulls Jenna’s panties down and spanks her bare ass with the spoon, turning it bright red. For the final round of spanking, Alana uses a leather belt. Jenna leans against a chair and Alana spanks her with the belt, first with Jenna in jeans, then in just panties and finally on her bare bottom. 46 minutes of hot spanking action! The Photo Set has 149 photos. Scene #SPNK0022

MP4 HD – 1920×1080 – 1.9GB

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